Donations for the Peace network of the John Rabe Communication Center

are highly appreciated because until now its mainly supported by Thomas and Eli Rabe in Heidelberg.

Donations are urgently required for:

1) John Rabe Homepage - restoration after several cyperattacks

2) Translation the biography and John Rabe books in several languages.

3) Historical research about the background of the Nanjing massacre

4) International Communication Centre with exchange of students and postgraduate from China, Japan and other countries

5) Support of the restoration of the John Rabe house and museum in Nanjing/China

6) International Peace Project: Citypartnership between Nanjing and Hiroshima/Japan

Please use the following information for international money transfers (unfortunately costs of 15 Euro are deducted from your donation):

All payments should be directed to:



Name: John Rabe Kommunikationzentrum e.V.
Beneficiary`s bankers: Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN-Code: DE94672500200009058117